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More reviews for book Fallen Lotus Petals

Fallen Lotus Petal, By Jordan Papanier is a FBI thriller that will have you turning pages faster then you can read. It deals will very complex modern issues that face law enforcement with drugs, smuggling and prostitution. His main character FBI agent Tom Larson is a guy that you hope really exists in today's world. Papanier is very descriptive of his scenes and you can really get the feeling of each place he takes you. I hope that this author continues to give us more of Agent Tom Larson.
I would recommend this book to all FBI/Law enforcement book lovers. S. Wells, CA.

Fallen Lotus Petals, by Jordon Papanier, is a novel of crime and suspense, about FBI agent Tom Larson's personal and professional life, as he encounters drug and human trafficking, murder, domestic abuse, a cross country move, and the discovery of a new type of gun, made from plastic that isn't detected on scans coming into or leaving the country.

When I begin a novel that I can't get into right away, I have a difficult time finishing it. If the plot and characters in the first chapter or two don't pull me in, I put the book down and don't pick it up again.

When I picked up "Fallen Lotus Petals", I read eight or nine chapters without stopping. Papanier hooked me from the beginning; I went to New York with FBI Agent Tom Larson, and then to Los Angeles with him. The storyline is engaging; Papanier's vivid descriptions take me to some places I've not been before, and some I have, and I can see them all in my mind. (I hadn't thought about Tony's Restaurant in years - what a fun memory. And I could see in my mind the spot where Tom was involved in a car accident. I haven't been to either place in years.)

In "Fallen Lotus Petals", Papanier writes about real-life events that members of our law enforcement encounter every day, including mental illness and murder, and including abuse of one human being by another. Papanier's main character, FBI Agent Tom Larson has a soft heart and a solid sense of right and wrong when it comes to tracking down criminals. Larson is is one of the good guys, protective of the weak, aggressive with the bad guys, a righter of wrongs, a man who is willing to risk his career and break the rules in a creative way in order to give girls imprisoned in human trafficking a chance to return home and start over. (That part of the story had me thinking about a ministry from one of our church organizations that's aim is to fight human trafficking.)

The book was an excellent escape for me. (I wish I were on the beach reading it, though.) I enjoyed the story.Jordon's a fantastic writer. P. Ray, MI.

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