Saturday, January 9, 2010

Novel Fallen Lotus Petals

Novel; “Fallen Lotus Petals” by Jordon Papanier is the story of FBI agent Tom Larson, who is trying to stop the exploitation of young Asian girls and save their lives while making peace with his own thorny past.

Fallen Lotus Petals follows one FBI agent faced with four very different dilemmas: He must hunt down his friend’s teenage son who goes on a vengeful killing spree, the shocking tragedy of sexually exploited young Asian girls, a new designer drug, and a technological advancement plastic gun that can be transported without detection that could cause more problems than anyone could ever imagine. Agent Tom Larson is also struggling to keep his love life intact while battling his own inner demons.

Author Papanier has said he wanted to write a compelling novel where the bad guys are beyond vile and the good guys struggle to come out ahead. His goal is to bring the horror of the forgotten kids around the world that are bought and sold for the pleasures of others to the forefront and to challenge peoples’ values about their various life choices. Moving back and forth through time, and through the gritty streets of New York City and Los Angeles, Fallen Lotus Petals strives to tell a page-turning story about love, domestic violence, sex-slave trafficking, power and the way the shackles of the past can be broken. The author has delivered a novel that reads like a poetic journey rich with imagery, dark with sinister possibilities, often humorous, yet always tense with the edginess of reality.

Fallen Lotus Petals is available for sale online at, Kindle store, and websites. This title is also available for national and worldwide distribution.

About the Author

Jordon Papanier is the marketing manager for a technology firm out of Torrance, CA. The author of numerous articles in local newspapers and national trade publications, a poet and composer, he has also appeared on local news and how to television programs.

Published date; December 03, 2009

Self-published with Book Surge/ Creative space.

Paperback retails for $15.99 on Amazon

Kindle electronic download retail for $9.99 on Amazon/Kindle store